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So a week before uni starts, just as I am finishing my last shift at work, I run to my car to get out of the rain, fall over nothing and break my ankle!

I would like to say I was doing something heroic like saving orphans from a burning building or a kitten from a tree but sadly it wouldn’t be true.

I am currently waiting for a phone call from the fracture clinic to be told that they want me in the next day to have an operation on my ankle where I will have a plate and pins installed – I don’t do things by halves!

Anyways, the good news is that University has started, I have my timetable and I am good to go. Despite now having to get a taxi to and from University and it costing me a small fortune, I am still attending every day and not using it as an excuse.

As I am missing all the social activities, I am investing this time in studying as much as I can to try and get ahead of things.

I have also written a University bucket list of things I would like to achieve before my 3-4 years of University are over. These include:

  • See a famous live band
  • Get back down the gym - this will have to wait until my ankle is better (good excuse to skip leg days)
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Go scuba diving
  • Be in the audience of a TV show
  • Give blood
  • Learn another language
  • Visit Bletchley Park

If you have to ask what is at Bletchley Park then you really shouldn’t be reading my site – we simply aren’t friends!

I am also looking at societies that I can join at the university and I am thinking of joining the Engineering society and RAG (Raise and Give) who do different fund raising events for different charities.

Sadly the volunteer work at the Library for Code Club has had to go on hold as I haven’t got the transport to get to the library from the University and I also don’t want to spread myself too thin and take on too much whilst my leg is healing.

If there is a lesson to learn from this whole experience, it’s that exercise is NOT good for you and also, NEVER run across roads as you can fall over your own feet where ever you are!

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University Challenge

I now have only 20 days until University starts!

This is most definitely a “Dear diary” moment. I have completed my online registration as well as me e-induction which, may I add, contained a video about sexual consent but used the analogy of a cup of tea – how British. Apparently someone may arrange to come over on Saturday for a “cup of tea” but that doesn’t always mean that when they get there that they will still want that “cup of tea” and if someone comes to your house for a “cup of tea” and passes out from alcoholic intoxication, remember that this is important, they DO NOT want a “cup of tea”. I am not sure if this video is sincere or not but it has definitely made a good talking point!

Anyways… In the next 10 days I will hear from my AST (Academic Support Tutor) who will be the one to give tutorials during the academic year and will pay close interest in my progress to ensure that I have the support I need.

As of yet, I haven’t got my timetable and in all the Fresher’s groups I have joined on Facebook, it seems that everyone is in the same boat, anxious and not quite sure what to expect as well as not knowing if their previous knowledge will be enough to see them through.

The reason I am writing this post is because I want to look back in a years time and see that there was nothing to worry about at all but also for future Fresher students to read this and have reassurance that what they are going through is perfectly normal and someone has been there before.

If you are reading this then do not panic too much about University. As long as you do your bit and keep turning up and doing work that is set for you in a timely manner, then everything will be fine. If you get stuck – ask for help, it’s what people are there for.

I know a lot of people are buying new laptops and this, that and the other but I have decided to just treat myself to a new pad of paper, a new BIC biro and will just use my existing laptop. IF I do need something with a higher spec then I will work on building a desktop PC at home as this will be cheaper than a top end laptop and parts will be easier to replace/upgrade as well and then I can just remote into my desktop from university and use it almost like a cloud device.

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