Todays Adventure

So I decided that it was time to upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE to the new shiny Galaxy S6 which may I add, is totally amazing as it has a decent amount of internal memory so hopefully won’t keep telling me it is running low!

Anyways, I decided that as my S4 was still of value, I would see if anyone was interested in the purchase. To my luck someone was but they didn’t have an O2 sim card and didn’t know how much it would cost to unlock the phone.

As some of you may have picked up from my previous blogs, I sometimes class myself as a tech person and if something can be done, I want to know how to do it rather than paying money for someone else to do it for me.

So I went online and read a few tutorials about unlocking a phone, specifically the S4 I9505 LTE. It said that if I was to dial *#0011# then it would come up with a service menu, which it did. It then said that if I was to use the menu and select the key input “1” then it would take me to a different menu – Sadly this did not happen. So I then went down the path of downloading some flash software called ODIN and some software so I could root the phone. I had never done this before so it did seem a little scary but I thought I would give it a try nonetheless.

I managed to root the phone. I was even able to find the setting for the second menu as a root Super User and change it from hidden to not hidden, not that it made any different as it was still not allowing me to get to the menu that I needed to change in the first place to unlock this handset to allow access for sims on alternative carriers.

So I looked into things further and downloaded software that would back up my existing ROM on the phone (REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BACKUP). I then transferred this backup data from my SD card to my laptop to allow space for a custom rom on the SD card as this was how I wanted to install it.

As I was using the wiping software I was very sure I wanted to wipe the cache as well as the System as this is what all my helpful websites that I read had told me to do. So when I went to then install my custom ROM, which failed in seconds, I was in a bit of a panic as I now had no OS on my phone so it wouldn’t boot into anything and the backup ROM that I made was on my laptop and I couldn’t even get the laptop to recognise the phone or the SD card as a mass storage device.

At this point I had two options: to either cry in a corner and admit defeat or try and find a stock ROM that I could then flash to the device. I managed to find such ROM and it flashed fine, optimized all my 200 something apps and then I was able to root it again.

The phone now is back to how it was previously although I haven’t got the right size sim to test it at the moment but I will do tomorrow when it isn’t 2am in the morning.

It certainly has been a learning curve and I am quite sure it wont be my last experience with mobile phones as these are the things that will be in our future for quite some time.

Once I have established a way to unlock this phone without having to pay, of course I will share this knowledge with my readers.

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