Bypassing Windows login

So here is a little secret I have discovered: being able to get into Windows without a password.

A lot of people will already know that if someone forgets their Windows password then you can remove the hard drive and slave it to access the data but this method will show you how to access Windows through the user interface.

First of all you will need some software that Microsoft provide for free called DART – diagnostic and repair tool.

If you put this on a pen drive then you can boot to this using one of your F keys and choose it from the boot menu.

In DART you will have the option to explore files and folders on the system.

Navigate to C:/Windows/System32 and look for a file called “utilman.exe”. Rename this file to “utilman.exe.bak” and then copy and paste the “cmd.exe” file from and to the same directory. Then rename your second cmd file to “utilman.exe”.

You will then be able to restart the computer and when you get to the Windows log in screen you will see in one of the corners next to the shutdown button an accessibility options, when you click on this it will then bring up your command box and from there you will be able to turn on the admin profile.

Then with a restart, you will be able to access the computer as an administrator and have full access to the computer and all accounts.

If you want to remove this feature afterwards then turn admin off in cmd and restore the original utilman file back to its original name.

Happy playing!

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