Arduino IR LEDs


So first of all I needed to connect the IR sensor to the Arduino and then  view the serial monitor so that I could see the code entered for each button pushed on the remote control. I then had to convert this from hex to decimal which was something a simple Google search could help with.

From there I just needed to write the code so that each LED would turn on and off in turn with the push of the assigned buttons from the remote control.

I have added a link to a ZIP file which contains 2 folders – one with the Arduino sketch file and the other with the library that I added and used.


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Hardware Meeting

After a visit to C4DI in Hull last night for a hardware meet up, I am now even more inspired to build a lot more with my arduino.

I met and spoke to some really interesting people who pointed me in the direction of shift registers which are used for 7 segment displays (digital number displays).

After much thought I have decided that my next project will be a small cluster of LEDs on a breadboard that can be controlled using a remote control and an IR receiver – watch this space!


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First Nano Experience

Arduino NanoMan make wheel. Man make fire. I make a flashing light!

Today at college we had a workshop where we had to use an arduino nano with a breadboard and wire up a circuit with a sensor.

The objective was to make a light turn on if the sensor read above a certain level otherwise a different LED would be lit.

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