About: me!

I was filling out a form and it asked for my email address. I then remembered that the email address relates to a domain which is this website.

I then logged in to find that I haven’t updated this site in 9 months.

This website was about maths, gadgets and technology but with work commitments and trying to fit in the gym, I’ve not been able to play with as much tech as I would like.

So what do I now do with a website that I cant populate with geek blogs?

The answer: I make it about me – the clue was in the name of the website!

Who am I?

Well I’m Steve Colson of course!

Currently 35 years of age, living in Lincolnshire UK, GSOH (yeah it is starting to feel like a dating profile).

The plan

To start a blog about me and if no one reads it then I am fine with that but seeing as it is now the trend, thanks to social media, to share your every thought and movement on the internet, I thought I would jump on the band wagon.


I wanted this site originally to self promote and show that I am an interesting person who covers all different technologies and is inspirational so I could offer this URL to a potential employer and they can see that tech is my life rather than just a necessity to pay the bills. I now have a job so now I can spam this site with anything I like.

My current role is working for a company that manufactures commercial catering equipment (being generic for personal security purposes) and I am a Systems Support Engineer.

I currently work on putting processes in place with the introduction of electronic systems. My main goals are to promote customer service and streamline things in the work place to save everyone money and make everyone happy.

So what does the future hold?

In terms of career, I would like to see myself in a more senior role and actually making a difference in the company.

I would like to save for a deposit for a property and I would like to get old as least gracefully as possible and so I am trying to fit in the gym as much as I can to build muscle and get lean and that all begins with losing weight first and getting rid of my stomach.

I have excuses for my dad bod – I was in a car accident where I damaged my back and have a slipped disc that is sat on a nerve and causes sciatica. Then as I was running to my car to get out of the rain I slipped and broke my ankle which resulted in needing a plate and 7 pins.

Of course I will show you a picture…

But now I have the excuses out the way, I am hoping that this blog will continue down the path of showing my progress, development and thoughts etc etc.

If by any chance you stumble upon this website and decide to start following my progress to compare against your life to make you feel less boring then I apologise in advance if there aren’t regular updates. I do have a poor memory.

I think I have babbled enough for my first new blog that points in a different direction but I will hope to update you all soon.

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