Student Workout

So in a few weeks time I am starting University and will be wanting to start down the gym.

I haven’t been down the gym on a regular basis for quite some time and it will be a slight challenge as I damaged my back in a car accident 3 years ago but I wanted to blog about my experience as I progress and then hopefully others can follow and see how it is possibly to start from scrawny and (fingers crossed) get super hero arms that people notice as well as eating a good diet on a student budget.

The plan

I’ve been told that 80% of it all is diet. If you aren’t fuelling the system properly then you can’t expect it to perform and repair to a high standard. The same goes for sleep, for exactly the same reasons.

So lets look at a food diet:
I want to put on weight so I need to be eating anything and everything at this stage to build up the extra calories. I guess I don’t need to worry so much about “clean foods”, just as long as I am getting in the carbs for fuel and also the protein for repair.

I want to be cooking everything up on a Sunday as I am too busy to cook during the week and I want to be having about 6 meals a day and possibly 2 protein shakes as I really want my body to always have what it needs but there is no point in going overboard with protein otherwise the body gets rid of it and that turns into expensive wee!

I read somewhere that if you need 0.8g of protein for each KG of body weight. I currently weigh about 62KG so 62 * 0.8 = 49.6
So I need about 50g of protein a day for my body weight. I can then divide that 50g by 6 as I want to be eating 6 times a day and it works out that I need about 8.5g of protein for every meal. Just for good measure, I am also throwing in those protein shakes and as a secret ingredient, I will eat cottage cheese before bed as this is a good source of protein and also offers a slow release to keep me going through the night.

In my Tupperware boxes, I am going to put in 8.5g of protein for every meal. This can be anything from fish, chicken, turkey, eggs or anything else you can Google that has protein in it. Try to avoid the new products like a protein yogurt as they contain more protein than you actually need and they work out to be an expensive source.

I also need to add carbs, now as far as I am aware, there isn’t a measurement for the amount of carbs I need although you do not want to go too crazy. For the sake of other dietary purposes I would recommend brown rice and the more natural pasta as this will have more fibre to help with bowel movement and also the more natural stuff will help with blood sugar levels and cholesterol. The last thing is greens, vegetables will always be good for you. In different veg you get different vitamins. In Peppers you get Vitamin C, in spinach you get Iron. don’t stick with the same veg all the time for this reason and simply because you will get extremely bored with your diet before the week is done.

I have a nut allergy so unfortunately I cannot follow most of the snack recipes online which state using peanut butter although I did see in Holland and Barrett that they actually sell nut free peanut butter. I haven’t had chance to look at the protein content but I did purchase some so I will have to let you know what it is like once I have made something with it.

Oh yeah – don’t forget to exercise!

I have always wanted to get my gym head on and make the effort and go 7 days a week to become a super hero but it just isn’t going to happen. I haven’t got the spare time for that and basically after day one I am going to hurt – badly.

I can’t stress enough that it is important to warm up and stretch before and after your workout. I have learnt this the hard way as I never used to. I think I read somewhere that if you do not warm up then the muscle rips quicker and then builds quicker and you get bigger muscles – this isn’t true. You want to be taking care of your body and not abusing it. If you are exercising and you are in so much pain a few days after then you have over done it.

Start light. Instead of doing one muscle group each visit, try doing a few all rounders for the first month or so and then if you find you are still hurting one time then concentrate on legs. Another mistake I made – I forgot about lets and then summer comes and I stick my shorts on and out come my white chicken legs. You will look silly if you are only top half conditioned.

If you are working on big arms then notice that two-thirds of your arm is the tricep muscle so do dips, curls and ropes to work those triceps, they are just as important as the bicep and should never be missed.

You have the following muscle groups to attend to:

    Everything else I missed above

I will add more to this blog once I have actually got myself settled in Hull and started the gym sessions but then, hopefully this site will be added to thick and fast and I will share with you every step of the way.

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